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10 Questions about Norristown Skate Park


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10 Questions about the Council-Approved Norristown Skate Park

I truly hope that I am not getting ahead of myself here and still need to find my “in” to get some updates on things from Council. What I will tell you is that once I get a chance to get over to Poley Park, I will get over there and take some pictures.

Yeah, I do that – Quick self promo:

I want to get a vibe of the location because, although I have passed, I have never been on foot there and would like to check it out. Some pics to come in the near future.

In the meantime, and in an effort to help the Norristown Community get a better understanding of some of the basic ins and outs of a skate park, I have compiled 10 of my own questions regarding the upcoming plans for the Norristown Skate Park Project.

If any readers have any answers, please comment.

1. Will there be Sponsors for the Skate Park?

This I know is a big one for all of us local business owners. You know we are support local all day/everyday over here and we will stay committed to that, so if there will be sponsors, we’d love to be a part of that process!

2. Can Events be held at the Skate Park?

Events are how Skateboarding companies survive. As a community, I think you’d be surprised how positive these events can be. We want to help the less fortunate in Norristown, just like Skateboarding Saves members The Den Skate Park and Community Center and Skater Claus.

We are already doing some amazing things as a group in ATL and IL (among many other locations), but Steve over here is still behind the keyboard in Norristown, hungry to hit the streets!

3. Will the Norristown Skate Park Effort embrace volunteers?

Simple question, if so, sign me up, this is our specialty.

4. Will the Skate Park be for Skateboarding only?

I’m asking for a friend.

Seriously, it’s not so much the what you do as your passion, it more matters that you have Skate Park etiquette. Yes, that’s a known term in Skateboarding.

I have beared witness to Skateboarders being total knuckleheads, just not serious, not into it. Pretty much being dropped off so the parents could have some time to themselves, I guess. I am referencing Radnor Skate Park. These Skate Park inhabitants are the ones that get the passionate ones hurt.

Well, firstly…

The parking lot of a soon-to-be Norristown Skate Park won’t be filled with Range Rovers, BMW’s etc. The vibe will be different and it will be great.

It reminds me of my glory days at Whitehall Skate Park. What that skate park does for that community is truly amazing.

5. Will there be a Membership for the Skate Park?

This isn’t so popular these days, and is more of a thing of the past, but thought it was worth asking.

6. What materials will be used for the Skate Park?

Skate parks can be concrete, steel or wood for the most part with my guess of concrete being the final outcome, but would like to acquire those details.

7. Will the Skate Park be fenced in?

I think this is important for ALL skate parks and hope that it is the case for this skate park.

8. Will the Skate Park have Safety Requirements?

I’m all about safety. I’m also all about having the choice to be an idiot. I am an idiot. Or, at least most of society probably thinks that due to the fact that I have still yet to strap on a helmet while on a skateboard throwing it down (probably never will). Then again, most of society can’t do a kickflip.

9. Any info on the dimensions of the Skate Park?

This is a big one for me in gaining a better understanding of what the skate park might contain.

10. Will the Skate Park be handicap accessible?

I have been seeing some slight integrations where the needs of those with special needs are met. This is definitely a personal question as I have a 17 year old son in a wheelchair.

I hope that we can collectively get some answers to these questions and I am going to start my process of due diligence when it comes to getting most, if not all, of these questions answered.

Any help getting me set up with the right contacts would be greatly appreciated.

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As always – Peace & LOVE,

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