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10 Questions with Philly Tom – Skateboarding Saves Q&A Series


Skateboarding Saves Q&A Series

Philly Tom


It’s wild some of the people that you skate with along journey.

On the flipside, it can be even crazier those that you somehow don’t skate with.

Tom is one of those people. 

Both of us growing up in Philly and skating around the same time, you’d figure that we would cross paths.


It wasn’t until very recently that I have. Tom is a great guy, Father, Artist and Skateboarder. I can tell you that much in the short period of time that I hit up Roxx Courts DIY a few times and he was there.

Enjoy this Q&A of a true OG…


1. How long have you been Skateboarding?

Give or take about 22 years, 23 years

2. Who is your favorite Skater, why?

Josh Kalis – his style and trick selection he still rips to this day.

Josh Kalis
Courtesy: The Boardr


3. What’s the hardest trick you’ve ever landed?

Fakie flip tail slide big spin out


4. Current Skate Shoe, why?

Vans Rowan Pro

It’s the closest shoe to the vans low cab. Which is just like the vans half cab It’s looks great too!

Vans Rowan Pro

5. Best memory of Skateboarding?

Skating downtown Philly in my teen years. Getting a Septa Day Pass and skating spots like Penns Landing, Rat Curbs, City Hall, LOVE, Drexel Rail, 3 Block. Man great days filming with a crappy camera. Miss them days. And you could get 2 slices of pizza and a soda for $5 at Lorenzo’s on South Street.


6. Favorite spot to Skate all time?

City Hall, Philly


7. Worst slam / injury?

Bombing a hill in Morrell and slid long and got bad road rash. Couldn’t skate for 2 weeks.


8. Favorite Skate Video?

Fulfill the Dream

9. Next footage drop?

Been working on a street part for a few years now. For now enjoy a throwback from Tom.


10. Any creds, thanks, rants or anything else you wanna mention?

To all my boys I skate with, Dogwood Skate Shop, Skateboarding Saves, Nincom Poop Crew


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