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10 Questions with Ron Adamson- Skateboarding Saves Q&A Series


Skateboarding Saves Q&A Series

Ron Adamson


Pushing Together NFP

Ron Adamson was a really early Community Member, and has done nothing but help his local Community. Based out in DeKalb, IL, Ron’s mission, Pushing Together, has and continues to provide the youth in need with proper gear to go out and shred.

I got nothing but LOVE for something like that, as it is very much one of the ways Skateboarding Saves hopes to give back in time.

We get closer everyday!

Until then we push those around us and only good can come from that!

Enjoy this Q&A of a true OG…



1. How long have you been Skateboarding?

About 5 years, but I took a 30 year break in the middle.

2. Who is your favorite Skater, why?

Mullen, dude is magical.

Rodney Mullen


3. What’s the hardest trick you’ve ever landed?

At my age I am thankful to still be on the board, but I do throw down a steezy Bert slide😜

Bert Slide


4. Current Skate Shoe, why?

Vans but with FP insoles. Dig the style


5. Best memory of Skateboarding?

When my little girl asked me to start skating with her

6. Favorite spot to Skate all time?

Anyplace smooth with trees.


7. Worst slam / injury?

Twisted ankle on a mild roll in…totally embarrassing and took forever to heal


8. Favorite Skate Video?

Santa Cruz Streets on Fire


9. Next footage drop?

Every week…


10. Any creds, thanks, rants or anything else you wanna mention?



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