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2030 or Bust – An Intro

About a month back I was hit up on LinkedIn and asked to do an article on a cause called 2030 or Bust by Laughlin Artz. He asked me if I could do an article on his cause and help spread awareness on the topic of Climate Change.

The thing I find in the decades of being an active Skateboarder, whether on the board or just by trying to be within the community, I find one of the biggest assets of this choice is Knowledge and Truth.

Something that’s hard to come by these days, if you ask me, but you didn’t, so I will move on.

I know little to nothing about Climate Change, but I try to do the basics like recycling, not driving when I don’t have to and shit like that.

In all honesty, I feel like outside of that I don’t really do anything because, in my ignorant opinion, I think that I’ve done enough and that at the end of the day – Does it really make a large impact? Am I really making a difference?

I think these are some of the questions that will be answered in covering what Laughlin has going on.

This dude oozes passion for his initiative is, and it’s contagious.

“My passion is that magic that happens when people wake up to how powerful they are. All my work is rooted in cultural transformation, a contextual kind of activism, that phenomenon that makes a world that works for everyone something that could actually come to be, and not just a pipe dream.” Laughlin Artz

I can relate to and know that feeling. I have that feeling right now just doing what I LOVE.

What is 2030 or Bust?

I won’t even front here because I have zero knowledge, but will give you a little except to get an idea and a link to the article writeup by Out Magazine:

2030 or Bust Badge

2030 or Bust is all about people having power in the matter of a situation that seems way too big and complex.  To give everyone the straight facts about the crisis and the chance to empower themselves to make a real impact in ending it.  A lot of folks think that the government or the U.N. or scientists or someone or something else is ending the crisis, and that’s just not the case. There is a significant gap between where we’re headed and where we need to be if we are to have any shot at a sustainable future. We have about ten years to bridge that gap, and we can only do that if we wake from the trance, [from believing] that it’s someone else’s job, that we as individuals can only do our best and hope that it will somehow all turn out. The house is on fire and doing our best and hoping will not get it done.  Our amazing science team has determined that if 500 million of us take simple carbon-reducing actions, we can make the difference in bridging the emissions gap.


How to Get Involved with 2030 or Bust?

There are many ways to get involved with 2030 or Bust. I suggest checking out his homepage:

Also, here is a peek at the upcoming schedule. Laughlin will be hitting two more stops for the Tour – Houston, TX and Fort Lauderdale.

2030 or Bust Schedule

Lastly, I’d like to share two clips that really capture the kind of great guy Laughlin is and the effort that he puts in on a daily basis to have a positive impact on society and humanity for that matter.

Skate of the Union – Jordan (part 2) – Lauridsen Skate Park from 2030 or Bust on Vimeo.

Skate of the Union – Jordan – Lauridsen Skate Park from 2030 or Bust on Vimeo.

During these trying times, I think it’s wise to all ask ourselves what difference we can make. I come at it from the Humanitarian side of things, but there are always areas to make a difference. Even if that difference is small, you still have made a difference.

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5 thoughts on “2030 or Bust Skate of the Union Tour”

  1. I am a fan of 2030 or Bust and Executive Director Laughlin Artz. We as individuals coming together do have power. What we buy and don’t is powerful, for example.

  2. So many talk about climate change but there is an enomous chasm between talking about it and taking it on. This guy is out there, swinging on the skinny branches, falling off and getting back up, risking his comfort, his health, even his own reputation to stick his thumb in the dike for the sake of living beings. No compromise here to win a vote, no tricks or behind-the-scenes deals, he’s the real deal. Get behind him… or in front of him. He won’t care, just so it turns our soon-to-be-fried tide.

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