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4 Pillars of Life

4 Pillars of Life by Steve Connerton 

With the holidays upon us and due to the fact that I haven’t wrote shit in some time now, I want to get a little sappy, but at the same time REAL AF – the only way we present ourselves at Skateboarding Saves.

With the “Dark Winter” (Hey, I didn’t say that shit) creeping up on our asses, I think it’s time to put out those positive vibrations to have our minds right.

Call me a crazy cat turd, but I believe that with these 4 pillars of life our lives on this ball could be improved exponentially if we could just get past the first of these pillars.

World TruthWorld Truth

As we know, this starts at the top. I take pride in the transparency I exude, not only as a tech nerd, but as a human. Transparency and truth that is unfiltered or fucked with. The God’s truth some may call it.

Regardless, it’s much needed and I can’t say this more, it starts at the top.

This goes for corporations, individuals and the red and predominately blue teams that run our country. I’ve never seen more division in my 39 and 3/4s years here.

I’ve seen the infinite amount of groups that have turn up over the last decade that divide more than unite.

Why is this?

Well, I think at the end of the day, there’s more lies than there is truth with a lot of these groups. Obviously there are good groups out there as well, just as there are good white people, shitty white people, good black people, shitty black people, goo… do I really need to continue?

Closing statement – I like to base every interaction on an individual and energy basis. Race is race, you want to kick that around all day, have fun, you’re letting the dark side win (if you somehow pull some race shit with that statement, you’re a fucking idiot).

You will always find more truth with the individual than with the group. Reference whisper down the lane circa 1st grade.

World LoveLOVE

This is a given you’d think, but most of us hate each other these days and it makes me so happy that I am Skateboarder and that I have an (unpaid) job within the Skateboarding World. I’ve seen a lot of shit in my life. I’ve lived the complete opposite of what I am writing about right now.

The truest and most cliche statement that is 100% on point is that you cannot love others until you love yourself. It took me about 39 years to get there (with medication).

I spent so much time hating myself and faking the funk.

However, the only way to overcome rock bottom and self-hate is to be on the outside looking in. You gotta let go of that Ego; you gotta let go of the Worldly object hungry bullshit. You take any of that shit with you when you go out.

I’ve come to terms with so much in my life by truly loving myself. Like for real this time.

When I put this into practice I am a positive person. When I am a positive person I overcome the negative bullshit that I feared before when I was a negative fuck.

With LOVE, I am now comfortable in my own skin and just want to share that positive energy with others.

World PeaceWorld Peace

The big wigs might not like this one too much, but World Peace is next on the list. When I say World Peace, I’m not saying no military or no cops, I am saying defend your own country and abide by law, but just stay on your own fucking turf. Just as cops have a jurisdiction, why can’t military forces?

I compare this to growing up in Philly and entering the wrong neighborhood. I knew when I did this I was looking for trouble, and 9 times out of 10, I found it. I have multiple accounts of stompings to the head and ribs. So yeah, I like peace and not getting kicked in the head while outnumbered.

I feel for countries that may feel that way when it comes to how the peace is delegated.

World Happiness

Last stop – World Happiness

This one is the easy part because with all of the above you can now lead a happy life.



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