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Tell us about how you got into skateboarding?

I’ve kind of always had a skateboard since I was about 5 or 6. My parents would buy me boards for Christmas or birthdays and what not, but I did not start getting serious about it until I was thirteen. I remember one day I was hanging with my friend Jerry, and he was riding his board around and then I saw him pop an ollie up a curb and was totally blown away! I made him teach me how to do that, and the rest is history. I have been skateboarding for 26 years now.


How did you produce the name (Sea Wax Skateboarding)?

I love the beach and thought it would be nice to have that laid back vibe that most people could relate to. I remember going to the surf shops all the time just to buy Sex Wax because I loved the way it smelled. I tried to use it as skate wax but no dice! When I started Sea Wax, I knew I wanted to implement the scented skate wax because of that. Pure nostalgia man!


Is it hard to build a team? What does it take to be part of your team?

I will be honest it was scary starting a team at first because I had no idea what I was doing. I had to learn as I go. Adding my first team riders was easy because they are skate homies and have been supportive of Sea Wax the second it started. I look for skaters that have an uplifting vibe with unique styles. I really like the way everyone on the team skates and I am always stoked to see their new footage as it comes out. Everyone on the team brings something special to the table.


With the industry being flooded with new pros that we never heard of from smaller brands. What is your opinion on that?

I have never really sat back to think about it, but I feel like it is great to have new pros coming out living out their dreams and keeping skateboarding alive


What makes (Sea Wax Skateboarding) different than other brands out-there?

We are a lifestyle more than just a brand. We live and breathe Skateboarding and we try to bring positive vibes to the game along with some sick skating.



Do you or do you have someone produce the (Sea Wax designs) for (Sea Wax)?

I have some friends that help me and have paid for some designs. Chris from Not Pro Skateboards has been such a tremendous help designing new wax molds for us big shout out to him.


Do you think it is hard from being from (Texas) to get your brand out-there compared to some brand from Cali?

Texas has an amazing skate scene and a lot of skaters from here are supportive of the brand. It might make it a little harder to grow because were not from Cali but were always pushing to get our name out there.


8Let’s say: I am a shop owner, you come to my shop & you want me to carry your brand. How would you get me to carry (Sea Wax) in my store?

I just go into the shops and introduce myself and let them know what I do and talk about Sea Wax skateboarding and the High-Quality skate wax we make. All our wax is scented, and we have more than twenty molds and any color of skate wax you could want.


What is (Danny Cepeda) day like?

As soon as I start my day, I jump in the shower, eat breakfast, check social media, and head to the studio to start working on all the wax orders that have come in overnight that need to be sent out for the day. After I finish that and I am waiting for the wax to set, I head off to my 9-5 job, work my hours, come home, package up all the wax, print labels and drop them off to be shipped out. Then, I check into my social media accounts again to check updates, respond to comments, and keep current. I try to post something on social media at least once during the day. Once I know I am done with all the work that day I can finally relax. I either hang out with my wife and daughter for a while or I will step out to have a skate session or head to the gym. Depends on how I am feeling that day. My usual night cap usually consists of watching movies or shows with my wife while also working on the website to update new products or doing some planning on future projects.


Thank you for talking with us & wish you the best of luck with (Sea Wax Skateboarding).

Is there anything you want to say to someone that wants to start their own brand? It takes a lot of work to build a brand but if your enthusiastic about what you do it certainly will not feel like work. Just keep going!

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