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Silent but Deadly – An Analysis of Modern Skateboarding



Sometimes it’s the most silent farts that make the biggest stench. I’m just having some fun and wanna say some things.

Maybe my balls grew since ranking on Feedspot, maybe I’m riding this wave of momentum, or maybe the timing is just right.

So why the fuck would you even name an article this, weirdo?


I guess I just feel that skateboarding is a lot of hot air lately. I’m generally bored by it.

My goal moving forward is to truly return skateboarding to the streets, where it belongs. Moreover, I want to integrate this into communities in need of it.

I’m working locally at this; it’s very important to me.

You see, It’s not always the latest and greatest or the biggest and most death-defying shit that most skateboarders want to see.

Some (probably more than some) want authentic, raw, street skating. DGK comes to mind.

When I see modern skateboarding today, I just don’t see that.

Don’t use a pandemic as an excuse either. Unless you’re not allowed out of your home, which would be so fucked up, then hit the fucking streets up. Hit the fucking hoods ups.

A true skater from the streets would be out there like Frank Fucking Gallagher


I came from the street skating scene of the mid-’90s in Philly and it was fucking amazing!

Shit, I learned a ton from it. How not to be.

Moving forward, I want to place all of my efforts in lower-income communities on the East Coast to start. Norristown, PA specifically.

The scene outside of that can do its thing, that’s cool.

But you know what’s not cool?

  • Monopolization
  • Corporate Strong-arming
  • Untrustworthy Charities
  • Non-Transparency
  • Non-Skateboarders claiming to be Skateboarders

I’ve been the king of the breadcrumb trail for this whole effort, I will not put anyone on blast in these articles, but I will, however, make it damn easy to figure out who I am talking about.

We were humbled to be the number 10 blog/website in Skateboarding, but we got bigger goals.

I’ve never been much of a settler. I am more of an “If you’re not first, you’re last.” kinda guy.


You do the math and give my new homie Anuj’s site a visit.

I’m open to co-existence, but I also believe in karma.

No matter the case, if I strike, when I do it will be Silent but Deadly.

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4 thoughts on “Silent but Deadly – An Analysis of Modern Skateboarding”

  1. Edward Horochiwsky

    Question…is an authentic skateboarder able to land a 360 flip and a poser one not able to?? What constitutes a non skateboarder claiming to be a skateboarder?? 😉

    1. Yo Bubba, is that you homie!?!

      I love the question actually because I can answer this in a way that I think most can respect.

      I think that what defines who is an authentic skateboarder vs. who’s not one is INTENT.

      If your intent is to embrace what the act of skateboarding provides to you as an individual – be it being your outlet, your mental release, your escape, or you’re just in love with it because of whatever reasons – I feel like that there is what makes an authentic skateboarder, never any trick, that’s for sure.

      When you’re in it for those reasons, your heart stays golden and pure.

      After time, you’re out there in the thick of it and you start to see how it unites you with people from all walks of life, and you’re all 100% equal.

      That’s the beauty and the magic of Skateboarding and it’s deep culture. (Maybe World Leaders should have a look at the culture)

      This effort of mine is what keeps my heart golden.

      My intent is to help the world thru skateboarding and never make a dime off Skateboarding Saves.

      And you’re an Authentic Skateboarder for questioning the statement!

      Stay Golden Homie!

      Bubba if that is you, we’ll link up soon!

      Peace and LOVE,

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