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Skateboarding Saves Contributor: Skater Claus

Skater Claus

Art in Atlanta for the better of the Community

My wife and I are artists.

We’re pretty mediocre individually, but we realized that together we make amazing art. A while back we decided to crank out some art and sell it to raise money for our cause. It was featured in a local gallery, but nobody was buying it.

Art in Atlanta is booming along the BeltLine currently, it just wasn’t going so great for me. I was determined to sell what we created, so I had to compromise.

You know how we do!

So I decided to do what I always do, and hit the streets. We came up with the idea of doing an art pop-up off the BeltLine in Atlanta, which is an area with significant foot traffic.

Krog Tunnel - Art In Atlanta

We decided on a spot outside the Krog Tunnel which is a place where graffiti is not only sanctioned but encouraged. I paint there all the time, and people come from around the world to see the art.

We knew there was no way we’d get a permit, we knew there was a chance we would get booted by the cops, but we did it anyway.

We set up a pop tent, displayed our art and t-shirts, and started selling. I was nervous that we wouldn’t sell anything, or that we might get a fine or possibly worse.

None of that happened.

We sold damn near everything and raised $1,120 to help feed the homeless and give skateboards to kids in need.

Sometimes it’s important to go through proper channels, but sometimes you gotta just go out and do it.

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