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Norristown Council President

A Call with the Norristown Council President 5 (3)

Photo cred: A Call with the Norristown Council President Just like Will of Limitless Culture told me upon receiving the news of a call with the Norristown Council President: “Hard work pays off!” He was right. Skateboarding Saves takes pride in our commitment to being a hyper local resource in communities across the nation. …

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Norristown Skate Park

10 Questions about Norristown Skate Park 3.7 (3)

Photo cred: 10 Questions about the Council-Approved Norristown Skate Park I truly hope that I am not getting ahead of myself here and still need to find my “in” to get some updates on things from Council. What I will tell you is that once I get a chance to get over to Poley …

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Norristown Skatepark

Norristown Skatepark Location 4.3 (6)

Norristown Skatepark Location Update After some input from the Council and Community level, from what it seems, the location of the Norristown Skatepark will be at Poley Park in Norristown. I will continue to give bite size updates as I get them. Thanks for the support and if you have any questions, please comment below. …

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Skatepark in Norristown

Skatepark in Norristown 4.7 (17)

Skatepark in Norristown Approved by Council I wanted to announce that it looks like things will be moving forward with a Skatepark in Norristown. I think that this will be received with tons of excitement and positive energy at all community levels – the youth, parents and businesses alike. Lurking in the Shadows I’ve been …

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Fuck this Article, take me there now! Support Skater-Owned – Skateboarding Saves #TechForGood It’s truly unfortunate that I have to go these lengths, but I feel that we need to face the reality that the Skateboarding Industry has become more focused on the dollar than ever. I never thought that Skateboarding would get this big …

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