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Depression and Anxiety with B, The Old Man from Sugarland



What’s up? You up? Depression and Anxiety Spoken Word with B, The Old Man from Sugarland

Enjoy this spoken word about Depression and Anxiety by B that I asked him to put together. I highly recommend the video if you’re able, since it is even more refined than the written version below. B always delivers, you won’t be disappointed.

It’s based on a IG post that I that really could be received in all formats, so that’s what I am doing here. I can provide straight audio if anyone wants that. The idea here is to have a plethora of helpful resources for those that could use it.


What’s up? Are you up? Are you going to get up and fight for yourself? If you don’t, who will?

I’d never ever be one of those people that tell depressed individuals (I am a depressed individual) “well, maybe if you got up and went outside and got some fresh air” because it’s too hard to go outside when you can’t get out of bed.

I’ve been there. I couldn’t get out bed. I couldn’t face the world, I couldn’t face other people, I couldn’t run the risk of seeing myself in the mirror.

But if you don’t know anything you need to know that your depression is lying to you.

Your anxiety is lying to you.

Liars hate the truth. And the truth is that you’re stronger than your depression and your tougher than your anxiety.

I’m B.
I’m the Old Man from Sugarland


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