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Go Skate Day 2022

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Go Skate Day 2022

Go Skate Day is right around the corner and is on Tuesday, June 21st 2022. Be sure to mark your calendars.

Most years I usually found myself caught up in the grind and can honestly say this will be my first time around where I am off the whole day and just want to think, eat, shit, smoke Skateboarding.

You will be able to find me at Rox Courts (Roxborough High area on Gates St.) shooting still, going LIVE among whatever else I get myself into.

If you’re in the area feel free to join me!

If not, we want to know what you have going on!

What are your plans for Go Skate Day?

If you’re not in the area, we want to know what you got going on!

Let us know your plans leading up to the 21st and I will get a post out about plans for anyone wants to share.

Then, after the 21st, feel free to come back and share any footage and we can compile it and get it out in another post.


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New to Go Skate Day?

Go Skate Day is an annual promotional event organized by the International Association of Boarding Companies (IABC), a non-profit organization founded in 2003. It was originally called Go Skate Day, but changed its name to Go Skating Day in 2005. The first Go Skating Day was held in New York City on April 30, 2004. Since then, Go Skating Day has grown to become a global movement, with more than 1,000 events taking place in over 100 countries every year.

I had no idea.

Go Skate Day just sounds better to me, but hey, to each his own (his/her for the PC Police).

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