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Well, as they say, we all start at 0. I guess you can say that is kinda where I am at with this project. So a little about myself…

My name is Steve Connerton, I grew up in Philadelphia skateboarding in what I consider to be the Golden Era – the 90’s into the 2000’s. This was one of the best times to embark on missions down to LOVE Park, City Hall, FDR, Drexel, Temple, you name it, we did it. But, in due time, I noticed that skateboarding was truly something special. It was more than an outlet for me, it was everything and I was obsessed.

For me, growing up wasn’t the best situation. I cared for my Mother who was considered disabled with Rheumatoid Arthritis, my dad had rolled when I was 3, and we were broke. In a life of what I considered to be a shitty hand, I had skateboarding. And it saved me over and over and over again.

It was the only way to release a lot of pent-up emotions, primarily anger, and it allowed me to be the one thing that I always strived (and still do) to be – Creative. The thing that makes skateboarding so special outside the actual act of puttin’ down tricks is the culture and atmosphere that it provides. I found myself in a judgement-free, diverse group of individuals that were exactly that, Individuals.

These were the best and worst times of my life, but skateboarding is what ultimately got me through it and I am so thankful for that and realize that this new chapter of my life will be dedicated to giving back. Whether it be a collab with a new small skater-owned business, an art-based project, a website for a new streetwear brand or any collab for that matter, it will happen here.

So what exactly is Skateboarding Saves?

To me, I feel like it’s another outlet for me within Skateboarding. I have recently been brought on by Skateboard for Kids to help rejuvenate the brand, which is actually going great. For most in my situation, that would be enough. For me, however, it’s not. As much as working with the youth is great, I feel the need to be able to express the more raw side of me, essentially just the freedom to write naturally, curse, call out those that might need it and help spread the stoke.

With that said, Skateboarding Saves is a tech-based Skateboarding forum that will invite brands and individuals to have a larger web presence because as I mention on the homepage, “When we grow together, we grow as one.” I say this for good reason, I may just be that huge nerd that you need to help you start ranking better on Google, be the one to give you that creative push in the right direction, or be that one person you need when you are one person away from greatness. Either way, I am here and this platform is for you to utilize for FREE forever.

So who’s ready to join this ride with me?

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