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Koova Skateboard Rack Review with Steve


Koova Skateboard Rack

So I’ve been talking for a while about this product, the Koova Skateboard Rack, and I’m happy to finally get to give an overview of the product.

It’s simple, it’s a rack, and it does its damn job. 

More often than not, this is exactly what is needed in any product – simplicity.

Koova Skateboard Rack Empty

Unboxing the Koova Skateboard Rack

Unboxing the rack was actually was funny because the package was so damn small that I just figured it was something else. To my surprise, it was the rack, so I was instantly pleased because I live in a house that is shrinking when it comes to the real estate I have for storage. Have a look to see just how simple this product is.

As you can see, you get the simplicity I crave with Koova.

For me as a consumer, I enjoy how small it actually is.

Another cool part is that you can add racks above and below if you want storage for 6, 9, 12… boards.

Koova was able to take something that potentially could look pretty boring and lame and made it look sleek.

I think the design is more modern than other companies that focus on “storganizing”, which tend to fall into “boring and lame”, unlike Koova.


Koova Skateboard Rack Assembly

This was definitely one of the easier things that I have assembled to a wall. Aside from a little trouble with one of the anchors (which was my fault) that I was able to fix, everything else was total smooth sailing. I think this goes back to the simplicity of design. In all, the rack is only a total of 10 pieces.

Check out the simple instructions that come along with the product:

Koova Skateboard Rack pg1Koova Skateboard Rack pg2


The Final Product

After an easy assembly that took no longer than 15 minutes (and I’m no Bob Vila) and minimal effort. One of the final thoughts that I’d like to add is that this rack not only is great for storing 3 completes on your wall, if you’re anything like me and have a lot of spare decks, you can stack them on top of the 3 completes.

Here is what the final product looks like with 2 completes and a deck.

Koova Skateboard Rack with Boards

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