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Lukaba Hande Skatepark

Lukaba Hande Skatepark – WeSkateMongu101


Lukaba Hande Skatepark – Time has Come Today, HEY!

The wait is over! Lukaba Hande Skatepark is finished!

So happy for Johnny Kalenga and what he was able to accomplish in the little amount of time that I have known him. If we decide to do some kind of awards at the end of the year, he is my number one choice and is going to be extremely hard to beat.

These kids went from no shoes and pieced together skateboards made out of roller skates to full completes, gear, kicks, and more.

Now they have a skatepark. It’s truly amazing!

This is just the beginning of this coverage. I plan to post next with pics and footage from Lukaba Hande Skatepark.

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Skateboarding Saves Contributor: WeSkateMongu101

Skate The Den

Finally we have a place to discover who we were really meant to be, a place to call our home, I have a feeling great memories will be born here. Since 2016 I always we were going to have a skate park one day and so I worked towards the realizing this dream.

From using one skateboard for two years, struggling to repair the boards, hiding from the police, skateboarding in the busy roads and bumping heads with drivers we got somewhere.Through the rise and falls we learnt how to be strong and discovered that a positive mind can get you through anything.

We are stopped believing we were going to get a skate park so we remained determined, persistent and focused to get where we are. Some day many people will look back and realize just how much change we brought to them through skating might not be now but will all appreciate it one day.

This is more than just having a skate park built but it’s about showing each and every African kid who was told that dreams don’t come to continue believing in themselves.

Many of us grow up been discouraged to develop our creativity we are always discouraged by everyone and especially those we love and look up to. All we need is to believe in ourselves and little support and love from our loved ones and then we will ignite and spread our wings.


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