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Military Brands in Skateboarding

Military Brands in Skateboarding



Military Brands in Skateboarding that we LOVE

The following list of Military Brands in Skateboarding is for the 2024 calendar year and is updated annually. If you want to be added to the list, shoot us a comment and we will verify your brand and gladly add it to the list.

  • Raid SB
    • Raid SB produces quality decks and a design style that is hard to resist. Especially if you are into artillery for combat. They are steady dropping new designs, so definitely a brand to keep you eye out for.
  • Schlaudie Skate Co.
    • I have a Schlaudie deck and LOVE it! Big time. I know the owner personally and he is a great guy that cares about the integrity and fabric of Skateboarding.
  • Tragic Skate Co
    • Tragic is a new brand that I came across that I really like. I love the old-school gnarliness they bring and I love their roots, along with how into the Punk Rock scene they are. Plus, those old-school decks are the amazing and great for adding to your collection.
  • Raw Graffix
    • Homie since the 90’s runs it. The highest quality slaps (stickers) a Skateboarder can ask for PERIOD. Web Shop launching Summer 2024.
  • Bunker Skateboards
    • Fun fact, Jason of Bunker is a Co-Founder of Skateboarding Saves and has been a part of the crew since inception. Bunker Skateboards owner, Jason Quinn is a veteran of the USMC.
  • Monster Skateboards
    • Monster Skateboards is a skateboard brand and store committed to producing only the dopest of artistic creativity when it comes to the brand and designs, fostering community, and spearheading non-profit endeavors.
  • Snake Farm Co
    • With roots entrenched in the Special Operations community, Snake Farm Co is one of the first Veteran Owned Skateboard Companies. Riders include Civs and Vets alike and their board graphics kick ass.

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1 thought on “Military Brands in Skateboarding”

  1. My name is Chuck Lagana. I am an inductee in the Florida skateboard hall of fame. Im aslo a former Navy SWCC and memebr of bith the UDT SEAL Assoc and the UDT SEAL Museum and the Combatcraft crewmans assoc. Im interested in making a board . My nickname skateboarding Chuck Madlog Lagana the Beast from the East. Im interested in remaking a 10.0 wide board with some concave but old style pool board. I want to call it the Beast and name the brand Madlogs. The 10.0 would be for bowl and pool ridingband ramp park riding and the a streetstyle board called the SWCC board. Urban warfare board also from Madlog skateboards. I habe alreay contacted Paul Shcmitt the professor because he was a good friend of mine but im not really sure he is interested in investing in the idea. I think its a great idea considering the Bones brigade used military style for ther graphics. I want to use this puc and well as other things put on the board. I was going to offer some of the proceeds to the SEAL museum and the CCCA combatcraftcrewmans assoc as well. My question is will you be interested and if so please contact me at Im gonna send you one of the graphic ideas I had.
    The Beast model
    Signed by Chuck Madlog Lagana and madlog productions llc.

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