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Nepal Skateboarding and Skating Association (NSSA)

Nepal Skateboarding and Skating Association (NSSA)


Nepal Skateboarding and Skating Association (NSSA)

About a year ago Achyut Khanal reached out to me looking for help getting a Skatepark effort together in Nepal.

It seems that conflict has increased for him in Nepal as of late, but he is keeping busy anyway given the current sociopolitical factors that have come into play.

Don’t worry Achyut, I didn’t forget about you and I hope that I can help spread awareness to your efforts. I also hope the situation over there gets better!

Here is the link to the Nepal Skateboarding and Skating Association

As well as some links on his behalf that I could dig up on LinkedIn:

“NGOs have made positive contributions in the social change process”

Nepali skaters face government’s indifference and police’s wrath

Peace & LOVE,


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