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Portage Family Skatepark, Skateboarding in Africa, Interview Updates, Podcast Format, New LinkedIn Group and a Video Drop Announcement

IMPORTANT: It’s https://portageskatepark.ORG, not .COM like my dumbass says in the video.

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Watch the video above for all of the updates.

The update that I’d like to focus on today is Portage Family Skatepark.

I had some communication with Kyle Little, President of Portage Family Skatepark, over the last month and wanted to give a helping hand to push what he has going on with the Park.

Kyle has been the President of Portage Family Skatepark for almost 9 years, is a Skatepark Laborer for Grindline Skateparks Inc, and has a great track record within the Skateboarding Community.

Check out his LinkedIn here If you’re able to, please donate, or at the least give this post a share or share this link.

I would like to take next steps with Kyle and start to plan for a video or audio interview if he’s down.

Stay tuned…

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