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Pushing Together NFP

Pushing Together NFP

I get asked quite often “Why did you start Pushing Together NFP?”.

This is what Pushing Together NFP is intended for in short form:

“To give kids who ordinarily would not have the chance to skateboard, the opportunity to skateboard and be part of the community”.

In all actuality, the logistics of this are much more complicated.

Many of the young people who don’t have the opportunity to skateboard don’t even know that is an option open to them. Sure, they have seen the occasional skater, but they and their friends have never tried.

The nearest skatepark is miles away. They don’t have a board or know anyone who does. The apartment complex they live in doesn’t allow skating on site. The primary concerns of their family are clothing and food.

So why, if food and clothing are a concern for these families would we be concerned about helping the young people skateboard??? All of us have something we love, like music, art, pets, a hobby, or an activity. When we can’t do it, it leaves a hole in us.

We feel like we’re missing something. On a national average, about 8% of young people skateboard. That’s 8% of these kids that have a skateboard-shaped hole in their heart or soul. We want to edify them and help them engage in the activity that they need. We want to invest in our youth.

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