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Q4 Announcements – Skateboarding Saves

Wow, so many great things happening as of late that I can’t keep up, so I would like to update everyone to know what’s to come: 

This isn’t an SEO piece, just merely some links and announcements, no pics. Apologies on that as my availability has been spread so thin over the last few months (in a great way).

First things first, I wanted to thank those who recently requested to be added to our two directories.


Skate Shop Directory

As you may know, our (Local-only) Skate Shop Directory has been on the site for quite some time. 

That can be found here:

I’d like to personally thank Andrew of THRIFT SKATE in Tacoma, WA and Matt of Change Skate Shop and Cafe (Dopeness on the hybrid biz setup) in Tupelo, MS.


Skater Owned Business Directory

This was just added this week and had a nice response.

That can be found here:

Again, I’d like to thank Andrew who is a Real Estate Agent that is local to me in the Greater Philadelphia Area and Gary of STEEZBOMB out in the UK. 

I will be adding these listings to the site ASAP!


Spotify Playlist v1 Released

You can peep the homepage for a multi-genre, multi-generational playlist that I like to refer to as the Skate Genre. 


Segments coming for the New Year (Q1)

If I can start dropping these segments before then, I will.

These segments will be in every format: Video, Audio and Written. 

The segments will be as follows and the individuals involved will be introduced to the Skateboarding Saves family…

  • Booze Reviews with Ryan & Steve (On-site Video Format accompanied by an Article)
  • TECHnically Speaking with Steve & Steve (Web/App-based Tech – Skype Video Format)
  • ARToffically with Mark (Art – Live Video Format)
  • DripSTEEZ with MOZ → (Graff – On-site Video Format accompanied by an Article)
  • GAMEgenie with Mike & Steve (Gaming – On-site Video Format accompanied by an Article)
  • Mental Floss (Mental Health – Anyone can contribute in any format)
  • Encourage Sobriety with B (Sobriey – Whatever format B wants, B gets)
  • Sneakerhead Saturdays with Jimmy & Steve (Sneakers/Streetwear – On-site Video Format accompanied by an Article)


Making Moves!

I have severed ties unfortunately and will no longer be supporting Art History 101 at any capacity. I have the metaphorical keys to their website and can do whatever the fuck I want with it, but won’t. 

I’ve shifted gears after being ignored and doing upwards of 10k in work recreating their site with a new Page Builder called Elementor, which made the site 50% faster and much better to look at. 

I put my heart into this shit in order to arrange a barter agreement between us that would have catapulted Skateboarding Saves into relevancy and help Art History 101 grow their brand Worldwide. 

This is now off the table. I hope one of you fuckers read this.


Now that that’s out of the way I’d like to announce another relationship that is a much better fit for me/us to be involved in. 

That is with Muuzeum.

This will be for the better, so I can let bygones be bygones.

So, Bye, I’m gone, Art History 101. And that will be the last time I mention you. 


Upcoming Written Interviews

As a very few might know, I am working on a respectable-looking makeshift studio area in my basement, so I am going to go with written format until that is complete.

Ron of Pushing Together out of DeKalb, IL will get first dibs on that and I also wanted to take to opportunity to see if Stacey of The Den would like to have a written interview as well, since they are out in the same area as Pushing Together and it just makes sense. 


Saving the Best for Last

As you might know, we have been involved in the development of Skateboarding in Africa. So much so that it is time to make a BIG MOVE.

I am pleased to announce that we will be dedicating an Online Community for the purpose of even more growth in Africa for now, and can advance in time to other poverty stricken Nations. 

I bought the domain almost a year ago, but wanted to make sure the timing and resources are what they need to be. 

This will be utilized by Caravan Mobile Skate Shop, WeSkateMongu101 and Skateboarding Solwezi in the beta version of the platform.

Stay tuned on this one as I feel it should make a splash once it’s launched. 


Anything Else

One thing I am working on is getting more Skate footage up on the site and IG. I currently have permissions from both Limitless Culture and a local Philly Skater. I think this should be enough to work with to get some content on this site, IG Reels/Facebook and YouTube.



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