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Skateboard Community Comes Through Again

Someone in our skateboard community donated a bunch of gear from one of the local outdoor parks. It’s a huge blessing, but we were given less than 24 hours to coordinate a team and plan out the reconstruction, moving, and storage.

All I can say is that our community is absolutely amazing and made it happen. Last night we had several volunteers that worked a 12 hour day working their asses off to get it done.

Not just skaters either, but skaters’ parents, neighborhood supporters of our facility, and some really cool older peeps that showed up with trailers, bobcats, and heavy machinery to lend a hand.

The young volunteers were so excited and the vibe was incredible.

It was a true show of community to see people of all ages and walks of life coming together to make sure we didn’t miss this opportunity. Some serious positivity! The Skateboard Community comes through again! ❤️

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