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Fish amongst Sharks – Skateboard Industry Perspective


The Skateboard Industry, a Perspective Piece by Steve Connerton

As a skater during the 1990s, I had a long time to see skateboarding evolve, and boy has it ever evolved. Whether this is for better or worse is in the eye of the beholder.

As a skateboarder that is a consumer, you’re happy as a clam, it has never been easier to get any skate-related items with a few clicks, or even while on the shitter. Conversely, for the seasoned skater that lives and breathes skateboarding, cares about the culture, and wants to make their own mark, you may have a different stance on where the Skateboard Industry is at in the modern day.

For me, a dude that has put the last 6 plus years of my life into quietly squeaking my way into the industry, I feel like a little fish amongst sharks. There is no negative connotation to that statement because I love the hustle, and, more importantly, I LOVE haters.

So, after years of being punched in the gut with endless failed projects and ideas, I had to make a decision. Is it all even worth it? Unfortunately for me, my mental health plays a large role in how I bounce back and rebound, start a new project, and keep the hustle alive.

Until recently, I was in a dark place and had to really listen to my heart. My heart told me as much as I loved the fact that I was a med-free person that struggles daily with depression, I had to get back on the meds. I want really expensive treatments that are holistic, but I’ll save that for another blog.

So let’s get back to what my heart was telling me. To do that, I had to go over all my passions. Obviously, Skateboarding is tops and the Skateboarding Culture is next followed by Skater-Owned and Supporting Local. Lastly, I love Collabs. I love helping and working with others.

Nothing about the effort of Skateboarding Saves is driven by money. Ask the Co-Founders of the effort, they will tell you the deal. This is not a company, it’s an initiative, it’s an effort. There won’t be a face to this Franchise, it will always be a group effort. I finally have a forum to write freely, curse away, and give my perspective on Skateboarding and the Skateboard Industry alike. What makes me happiest about the effort is that it gives others the same forum.

About the Skateboard Industry

My honest opinion is that Skateboard Industry consists of Sharks and Small Fish. I got respect for anything Skateboarding, but when the bottom line becomes money, power, privatization among other shitty things, like not supporting local and not supporting up-and-coming confirmed charities, I can’t get down with that.

I want to make this next chapter of my life about giving back, not taking.

I won’t call out the names of companies and brands because deep down, they know who they are.

It’s important to this effort and to me to meet as many individuals, skateboarders, brands, companies, artists, musicians etc as possible, but at the same time, have the ability to navigate the waters safely.

In conclusion, my point is that although there may be some sharks out there, if we form a large enough school of little fish, we just might have a chance to make it and have high levels of success organically.

I will always fight for the small fish, so if you want to join this school, get ready for the ride. There is always power in numbers, and that is just what I intend to do with this platform. Join here

A quick shout to those that have embraced the effort:


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