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Skateboarding and Tech – Skateboarding A La Carte


WTF is Skateboarding A La Carte?

It’s an effort to present more info at once. Pretty much a collection of thoughts spewed into an article for your enjoyment.

Let’s get right to it…

Skatepark Involvement

Norristown Skatepark

Since the winter that seemed to never end finally ended, I want to get out to the location to take some pics and do a post on the vibes of the location and my general opinion.

Springfield Township Skatepark

I reached out to the admin of the Facebook group and have a contact of the person running the effort. Ready to get involved this summer. Excited to see what’s to come.

Rox Courts

This DIY out in Roxborough is my favorite and I want to be an active contributor.

Shit, I can get a free WiFi connection there, I’ll bring the office there when it’s nice. This park reminds me of the old days at Moss and Whitehall.

Tech → #techforgood (In testing)

Big picture, #techforgood is a movement to fuel local economies.

More specifically, #techforgood is a curated list of Businesses, Brands and Efforts by Skateboarding Saves, both in and outside of Skateboarding.

We’ve decided to create 7 different categories in the form of our new Partner Program. Branding is still in work.

The Skateboarding Saves Partner Program

1. Charity Partners

2. Marketplace Partners

3. Social Impact Partners

4. Support Local Partners

5. Tech Partners 

6. Creative Partners

7. Mental Health/Sobriety Partners

We believe this initiative can show the World what we’re all about – GIVING BACK!

It ain’t gonna change, stay tuned suits.

Peace & LOVE,

Steve Connerton


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