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Skateboarding in Mongu with Johnny Kalenga – International Studies



Skateboarding in Mongu

If you don’t know of the man, the myth, the LEGEND, Johnny Kalenga of WeSkateMongu101, get on onboard. This dude has transformed Skateboarding in Mongu and the landscape of what can be accomplished over in Africa n general. I’m not going to steal the spotlight here.

Rather, I’d share what he posted a few days ago.

Johnny always puts a smile (for me that equals a shitty grin that may look like I’m actually pissed) on my face, and I hope his inspirational words do the same for you:

Everyone who knows me Johnny Kalenga knows that I live for these new experiences life has to offer. On this trip so many new things were experienced, I got to visit Cape Town for the first time, I got to see the world up from the sky for the first time, I got to go to the beach for the first time, I got to try out surfing for the first time too. I tried skimboarding, saw beautiful mountains, so many thing I wanted to do in such a short amount of time.

Am stoked that I had the chance to check out a couple of things off my bucket list, all this stuff might seem like normal ordinary things but not to me. Some of these things are things I wanted to try out ever since I was nine there’s so much stuff I still wanna try out like snowboarding and I know one day I will. I hope for many more life changing experiences the world has to offer. Been in those clouds looking at the world and how small it looked just showed me that all our dreams are attainable, everything is in our reach.

If my younger self saw what am doing right now he’d be so proud that everything we manifested and spoke into reality came true. We are living a life we will remember and there’s still a lot more in store for us. I love to travel, I love visiting new places, trying out new things, meeting new people, making friends if I could I would do it everytime. I hope in the future I’ll visit people I have made friends with here on the internet, cheers to all the experiences the world has in store for me🙏
Huge thank you to Chris van der Merwe for inviting me over.

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