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Skateboarding in Solwezi, Zambia

Big change takes time, I get that. I help where I see to be the largest area of concern along with outreach for help that comes my way.

This means everything to me. This is the dream for me.

I just want to be an advocate for those that can’t advocate for themselves properly. I want this website to be for those voices.

The ones that slip through the damn cracks that shouldn’t.

The Skateboard Community in Solwezi, Zambia is one of those voices that are unheard. Skateboarding in Solwezi is growing exponentially and it is outgrowing its britches.

Today is the day that we start to help not only Skateboarding in Solwezi, but Skateboarding across the whole damn Globe.

Raise Awareness for Skateboarding in Solwezi

It all starts with awareness, that’s all I ask today. Take the extra less than 5 seconds to share this with someone. Not just anyone, but someone that cares.

Someone that will lend the shirt off their back for their fellow human. Someone that will open the door for someone when their hands are already full. The person that does good gestures while nobody is looking and expects nothing in return.

Yeah, that person.

Some Quick Resources to help Support Skateboarding in Solwezi

Now, a word from the Solwezi Skateboarding Community

The following was sent to me via DM on IG:

We just got about 10 skateboards donated to us last week, but we only have one place to skate from which is the mall.

We have been allowed to skate there only once a week. There is a lack of enough concrete in town.

We don’t have anywhere to skate apart from the mall on Sundays only!

And the community is now growing Big! People just keep coming, they want to learn how to skate.

We have a lot of kids now interested in this, but we have nowhere to skate.

I know you would like to help grow skateboarding in unprivileged communities like ours please sir ??  help Solwezi, Zambia achieve their dreams, help us!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Support Skateboarding in Solwezi”

  1. Thank you so much for all this ?? to everyone that would like to help communities like solwezi skateboarding please come out here and help keep skateboarding rolling in Africa ??
    Solwezi has a lot of reasons to stop skateboarding but the love and huge passion for the sport always keeps us going ???

  2. I’d like to personally try to find out who rated this a 1. Kinda in poor taste, I’m out here trying to help. It’s all good tho. Haters gonna hate. Got NOTHING but LOVE for ya! Peace, Steve

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