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Skateboarding Saves is a Top 10 Website for Feedspot Top 35!


Feedspot Top 35 Skateboard Blogs and Websites

I can’t believe it! Still taking the news in with my daily chaos, but I got an email from Feedspot giving me the great news! Go see for yourself.

At first, I’m like okay, I’ll gladly take 35 here, but we were Top 10 for the Feedspot Top 35!

Feedspot Top 35 Skateboard Blogs and Websites

Any accolade this early on is proof that what we got going on is the real deal.

We are here to make real change and uphold the integrity, fabric, and persona of Skateboarding.

Big shout to my man, Anuj Agarwal over at Feedspot for hooking this up! Thanks!  Learn more about Anuj:

Top 35 Skateboard Blogs and Websites

So humbled, and so proud of our small, but loyal #wolfpack


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