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Skateboarding Saves Announcements: Skateboarding Saves Podcast

After a few months of running Skateboarding Saves, I think it is time to take this relationship to the next level.


That next level is a video podcast where I will be interviewing Skateboarders, Skater-Owned Brands, and Individuals that are a part of the Skateboarding Culture.

To keep brand consistency going, I am just going to default to the name Skateboarding Saves Podcast.

I love doing the written Q&As, but I think going video will help us be able to get back to the written format in time and with some success and growth with video.

The numbers don’t lie, the written Q&As are doing OK, but I don’t settle for OK, I will gladly pivot and have a makeshift, low overhead podcast that uses a few pieces of tech that I will outline below for anyone interested in doing the same.


I am transparent AF and want to share my tech skills with the Skateboarding Community for free because it’s the community that has given me this forum and the opportunity to help a segment of the industry that needs it – the little fish.

While corporate skateboarding is sleeping, I will work tirelessly before and after my corporate job to help Small Skater-Owned Businesses to thrive in an industry that has been overtaken by power, greed, and money – by people I don’t consider Skateboarders.

I watched corporations do this in the mainstream. I will not let this happen to the one culture that allows me to work where I want, when I want, how I want, and doesn’t judge me for anything I say or do.

Ok, rant over.

The video setup for the Skateboarding Saves Podcast is easy to replicate/implement and is very easy to set up for sending to YouTube Live. You will need the following for this FREE to run 😎 Live Video Podcasting Setup:

  • Skype
    • The obvious one. Skype is a virtual meeting tool.
    • Cost: Free
  • OBS
    • OBS allows you to stream, and for free! You have to integrate Skype with OBS to allow for having a guest.
    • Cost: Free
  • YouTube Live
    • Another obvious one, but YouTube Live is all done in the Studio for those who aren’t familiar with the workflow.
    • Cost: Free
  • Webcam
    • This is what is linked above and I am happy after some initial testing: Aluratek – 1080 HD Webcam with Microphone – Black
    • Cost: From $29.99 – $300+
  • Headphones with Mic or Mic
    • I go with SkullCandy Crusher Wireless Headphones, which are linked above.
    • Cost: I feel that anything under $100 is garbage

Use this video to get the setup going:

The Skateboarding Saves Podcast will be dropping soon and I am organizing the details on our first guest, but I am going to keep that a secret for now.

However, you can riddle me this:

My first guest is a bi-coastal Skateboarder, Skateboarding guru, and loves a good burrito.

#realrecognizereal here so throw me a comment to see if maybe you get the correct answer with such little to go on.

The Skateboarding Saves Podcast will be virtual just due to the fact that it is more convenient since we’re a worldwide effort and will be interviewing individuals across the world. If someone is local and willing to come out, I am totally down and encourage that.

Being a #supportlocal advocate, any small business that is in line with the vision of Skateboarding Saves is welcome for an interview.

I just wanted to get this out there since we have been a little silent as of late. Also, be sure to follow our social media links in the footer. We are most active on Instagram and LinkedIn.

Big things to come…

Stay tuned and buckle up!

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