Skateboarding Saves

Adam Klakowicz

Skateboarding Saves Q&A Series: Adam Klakowicz


Skateboarding Saves Q&A Series

Adam Klakowicz


I have skated with AK forever. Enjoy this quick Q&A that we can do a much better job on when time allows!

1. How long have you been Skateboarding? 27 years

2. Who is your favorite Skater, why? Ronnie Creager. Style, Trick Selection. Tech and does big stuff. All around great skater.

Ronnie Creager

3. What’s the hardest trick you’ve ever landed? F/S Boardslide B/S flip out. White Hall 99.

Whitehall Skatepark

4. Current Skate Shoe, why? Adidas Top Ten. All white with gray stripes. Fat laces. Look good and skate well.

Addidas Top Ten

5. Best memory of Skateboarding? Skating at Moss Park with all my homies

6. Favorite spot to Skate all time? Love Park


7. Worst slam / injury? Broken ankle at 5th and Catherine bench. Crook shuv. 2000

5th and Catherine Philadelphia

8. Favorite Skate Video? Zoo York Mixtape

9. Next footage drop? End of summer

10. Any creds, thanks, rants or anything else you wanna mention? Raid SB, Until Death Collective, Woobies shoes, Shady Clothing annnnnnd Philly.

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