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Skateboarding Saves – We want to truly Support Veterans


Skateboarding and Our Brothers and Sisters in Arms

In an Industry of revolving doors and broken dreams it’s hard to even consider a career in Skateboarding. However, in an America filled with division and downright corporate takeover it’s even harder not to.

This past year feels like a decade. It’s been my mini side hustle that has turned into a mini side career as I sit and type from the car line waiting for my Son to be dismissed.

With success comes responsibility.

Responsibility to grow and succeed.

I think our decision to focus on Veterans is something needed, not only in Skateboarding, but in general.

We want to truly Support Veterans

Our path forward is actually very simple.

Our focus will be to act as a marketing funnel for Veteran Charities, Efforts, Foundations etc and to use Skateboarding as one of the means of rehabilitation much like Healthy Life Recovery, an effort I personally am huge fan of.

Mega props to Brandon!

Ain’t nothing changing here

I think the way we plan to operate is the way we always have.

In a way that gives back.

So, if you have a donation record you’re trying to break for your Veteran Charity, we want to help with that.


Expect a thorough audit by our Veteran Co-Founder Jason Quinn.

We will always have a process in place that will not only help us stay away fraud Charities that earn more than they contribute, but help in exploiting them.

Stay tuned!

Peace & LOVE,

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Steve Connerton


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