Skateboarding Saves

Skateboarding Saves What's New May 4

Skateboarding Saves What’s New May 4

Wow, what a first few weeks! I knew that success would come, but holy shit, loving it! I want to give a huge THANK YOU for all the support! 

Yesterday was a huge success, and with my goal of being transparent as Hollow Man, I wanted to take today to show some analytics for those that give a shit, show you what’s to come as far as articles, and list out all the new features that will be coming your way.

Spoiler Alert: Lots of Q&As

I wanted to keep the nerd stuff pretty quick, but I want to school up anyone out there that wants to try to market their brand themselves. If not, just do it here for free, I got you!

Skateboarding Saves Google Analytics for May 3, 2021

Skateboarding Saves Google Analytics May 04 2021

We actually made it super easy for this now. Signup at the top of the site for the newsletter and I will also add you as a user so you can blog about and promote yourself, your work, or your brand.

We review each submission, so no dumb shit!

What’s to Come

I am still pinching myself a little over how many Q&As are coming up and look forward to bringing you the following. As time goes on, I plan to have more of a schedule, but for now, I am just going to list articles in the order that I will be writing them.

I can’t wait to get these all out! Stay tuned and be sure to enable Browser Notifications so you can stay in the know when it comes to when these articles will drop. 

NOTE: I encourage users to get involved and do their own Q&As or recommend new features. Or, if you want to have me do a Q&A for you, just hit me up. You can use the form in the footer of the site.

Skateboarding Saves New Features

      • Newsletter Signup
        • Already implemented – Get to it, signup
      • Support Local Page
        • This will be a page for local skateshops to submit their information to be listed on this page, which will be a directory format. Remember, #supportlocal
      • Nonprofit 501c3
        • Dragging my feet on this one, but will get to it soon because it helps us fund the operation through the next feature
      • Shop / Donate Page
        • This page will be reimplemented once we officially become a Nonprofit
      • #fortheculture Page
        • Shoe Reviews  
        • Hip Hop Reviews
        • Skate Rock Reviews 
        • Streetwear / Fashion Reviews

That should do it! I just wanted to get out an update on where we are and where we’re going. Until next time!

Peace & Love, 


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