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Skateboarding Solwezi

Much like WeSkateMongu101, Skateboarding Solwezi bursted onto the scene shortly after and it has been humbling to watch Peter Himzco is just a kid for the most part. I love seeing the youngins getting to work for something they believe in, and even more when what they believe in is Skateboarding.

Hey Fam what’s good?

I’m pretty sure you know about everything concerning Skateboarding Solwezi , but do you know how everything started?

In case you are new here or you have been following our story for a very long time, I want to say Big thanks to everyone who has been following our story for some time, You are heroes. This is the Skateboarding Solwezi movement.

It was just a dream among a few young souls who fell in love with what we call a skateboard.

These kids were just too in love with everything they experienced with a skateboard so they decided to take it to the next level. As they kept skateboarding within their hearts and did it always, people of a town called Solwezi also started to admire it cause they only saw skateboards on TV sets, so they played along too.

The boys started teaching people everywhere they met them and whenever.

Literally nothing else kept these boys ever busy than this, they didn’t realize it at first but a skateboard helped them stay out of trouble and be positive about life, when they realized this non of them hesitated to share it to the youths and kids of Solwezi who are always busy getting involved in bad group influences and start abusing drugs at an early age of 10!

So they took it more serious and started teaching kids how to skate to help them stay out of trouble…..

I wish I could tell you every little detail that has made a small skate scene to be growing so fast In a short period of time, I suggest you go check out @skateboarding_solwezi on any socials.

The main description of this social project says ” A movement to keep youths and kids of Solwezi to stay off streets – away from trouble by using the skateboard as a tool.


There is no way the little skate community of Solwezi could have been where it is today without all of you wonderful people who have been supporting our cause, THANK YOU HEROES!
Hope you have a rad week Fam, much love to y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️🇿🇲

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