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Skateboarding Solwezi’s Skatepark Dream – Skateboarding Saves Africa


Words from Peter of Skateboarding Solwezi

I would first like to say that I am the lucky one, Peter.

I’m not one to give guarantees, but what I will give you is the assurance that I will fight and claw for you to get this fucking Skatepark that you and all of Skateboarding Solwezi more than deserve.

Your fight is my fuel, don’t give up the fight!

GoFundMe to Donate to Skateboarding Solwezi’s Skatepark Effort

Now some words from Peter:

It is very rough out here Fam.

To be honest, if it has not been for the passionate people we have in our community, I’m sure skateboarding could have died out here some time back.

We have been chased from the only skate spots in town more times than I can remember, because security doesn’t allow skateboarding on private property.

The situation just got more critical.

No kids under the age of 14 are allowed to skate at the mall this is really bad because about 60% of skaters here are under the age of 14, only older boys have been allowed to skate there (the Mall security doesn’t want to be held responsible for any accidents that might happen when kids are skating).

The kids still come to skate even though they are not allowed to, that’s a huge risk but there’s nothing we can do, the kids just want to skate.

I think it would be easier if we had our own place to call home, a Skatepark.

We are so blessed and lucky in many ways to have to interact with all of you from different parts of the world. We need your support right now more than ever!

Go to our GoFundMe and donate anything you can to help our campaign keep going.

We just have a little amount of audience of about 400 people who follow our movement. So there is really high need of you to help us out by sharing our GoFundMe page to your story so that we can reach out to a good number of people to check out what’s cooking out here!!


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