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Skateboarding Websites and Writers Worth Mention

Skateboarding Websites & Writers Worth Mention


Skateboarding Websites…

First a Foreword…

After gaining some recognition with Feedspot I felt that it is time to have my own list of sorts where I can give credit where I believe it is due.

If there is one thing in life that I am, it’s an Observer.

Observer of Skateboarding Websites

Being an Observer helps me to be patient in the one area where I often place patience too much and end up having none left for anyone else – my work.

(I’m working on this every day and I am truly sorry for the pain I have caused my family.)

As an Observer, I can easily sift through what Brands, Shops, and Efforts are in it for the right reasons vs. the vampires that are sucking the blood out of Skateboarding.

I could care less about popularity within this Industry, I care about ACCOUNTABILITY.

I actually want to disrupt the Skateboarding Industry in the most positive, beautifully scripted, and loving way.

In a way that The Streets would be proud of. In a way that Communities would be proud of. In a way that the Realest, Truest, and Goldenest (whatever, it’s a word now) of the Skateboarding World would be proud of.


The Following Skateboarding Websites and Writers Exude Just That

TSM Media

As you may or may not know, TSM Media has been a HUGE supporter of what we do.

TSM Media is run by Tommie Zam who you may already know from TrueSk8board Mag.

Tommie to me ‘IS’ Skateboarding.

The guy cares so fucking much about the Culture, the Authenticity, and the Fabric of Skateboarding more than anyone I know in this Industry.

He has never Sold Out and NEVER WILL, and either will I.

To solidify that vision, Tommie has invited me to be the Tech Nerd of TSM Media moving forward – Expect HUGE things.

Our goals at the moment are to gain traction on the YouTube Channel (because ya know, if you’re not Thrasher, it’s hard as fuck!), and the Podcast, so please give us a Visit, Watch and Listen!

Schlaudie Skate Co.

Justin at Schlaudie Skate Co. has been my guiding light in a way. His perspective on the Industry is in line with mine, he cares about the same things that Tommie and I attest to above.

This is a Skateboarding Website that to me is straight refreshing.

It’s refreshing to know there are others out there that want to keep Skateboarding Golden and keep the corporate leaches out!

They are Vet-Owned and Operated and, as I mentioned before, produce a product I can stand by #cheapwoodsucks

Check them out at

Limitless Culture

Will of Limitless Culture brings a multidimensional format to Skateboarding that infuses Art, Music, and other forms of the sub-cultures within Skateboarding.

Will’s heart is in this for the right reasons, I knew this since our first conversation. I know Will is more than capable of shaping the younger generation in a way that will bring Skateboarding back to its roots and deep culture.

Check out Limitless Culture at

The Den Skatepark and Community Center

Stacey over at The Den has really been a motivator for me to not give up on my efforts within Norristown, PA.

I won’t give up.

There are people that I have been lucky enough to embrace during this ride that I am on. Stacey is nothing short of AMAZING. What she does for her Community through Skateboarding is potentially all I am looking to do as well, and then some.

Stacey keep going! You know I will! Thanks for your Inspiration and Motivation!

Check them out at

Skater Claus and B. The Old Man from Sugarland

Mark (Skater Claus – peep website here) and B have been amazing contributors to Skateboarding Saves.

I commend them for really putting themselves out there because it really helps me to put myself out there. I see a lot of myself in them. We just want to do good.

Check out their Articles:

We are always on the lookout for new Skateboarding Websites that are in line with what we got going on. Feel free to hit the contact form to get added.

Enjoying the site? Join for free to blog about anything that resides in Skateboarding Culture, Including Skateboarding Websites and Writers. Peace and LOVE!

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