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Public Adjuster - Joe Corson, Philadelphia, PA

First Response Public Adjusters has the experience and know-how needed to assess all the damage, determined the best methods, for remediation, properly document your claim and ensure compliance with all the terms and conditions of the policy.

Real Estate

Andrew and Kyle are two Real Estate Agents that shred! Andrew is the mentor and Kyle is the pupil. Peep their respective Zillow Profiles below:

Andrew Kraft

Kyle Crean

Painting - Kevin Keys, St. Petersburg, FLA

Paint Petersburg is a full-service interior and exterior painting company that believes in treating our customers like family. When you contact us, you can be confident knowing you will be dealing with professionals who will treat your home like their own and who will never cut corners.

Griptape - Joe Szewczyk, Det, MI

We are 3 partners, Steve Willett, Brian Breznai, and founder Joe Szewczyk. We love skateboarding, and 60% of us still do (We are still holding onto hope Brian will get back out here, he was good) SSB, was crazy enough to hand me some doh to make it happen.

And, it happened. As it began to come to fruition, it was clear that our mission was not to get rich, but it was to give back to the sport that gave us so much, and to carefully select, and support our team’s dreams, both in and out of skating.

2 of us are in our 3rd decade of pushing a plank, and am very proud of how far this sport has blossomed since I first stepped on board in 1986.

Throughout the decades, skateboarding for us, has always been the common denominator.

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