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Sobriety and Skateboarding

Sobriety and Skateboarding – 100% Raw


Sobriety and Skateboarding – A Quick Intro

The following is an inspiring piece of writing by B. The Old Man from Sugarland repping Encourage Skateboarding who is a Skater, MC, and Actor talking sobriety.

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Sobriety and Skateboarding with B. The Old Man from Sugarland

Here it is. 20 years of sobriety. Wow. Can you believe that?

I remember, I remember so crystal clearly when I would have said “I can’t be sober 20 minutes, much less 20 hours, weeks, years…”

God moves, and I want you to see that. You don’t have to believe it, I’m not here to argue with anyone about anything; I’m way too old and tired for those discussions/arguments/debates for all of 10 minutes that leave us both upset and not anymore closer to the other side of the argument then when we started.

So, no. I got through it. I found purpose.

Man, look… I even found what y’all call “self-love.” Never would have imagined THAT. Never. I hated myself. I loved everyone else, but hated myself and the person I was.

You resign yourself to a particular amount of failure, like, “oh well. That’s just how it is. I won’t be the best father I can be. Won’t be the best friend I’m could be. None of it. I’m not capable of it.”

I thought about that so much… those thoughts sat and collected rust in my mind for forever.

Do you love me? Are you happy to know me? Do I ever make you proud? Have I ever inspired or motivated you?

Because I love you, you make me incredibly happy, I’m proud to know you, and you inspire and motivate me every day. The blessings are yours! Get up! Go get them! Why not?

Your friend, always

B. The Old Man from Sugarland

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