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Professional Spotlight: Nondo Heri of Step Up Kenya


Meet Nondo Heri of Step Up Kenya

Nondo Heri of Step Up Kenya

Nondo reached out to me on LinkedIn for a helping hand in getting some exposure for Step Up Kenya. Nondo is a young go-getter and I was happy to help him out.

He’s a true professional, be sure to check out his LinkedIn.

Step Up Kenya re-skills refugees in UNHCR camps to mature in social media marketing and connect them to paid global opportunities.


Step Up Kenya Overview


Of the 84 million refugees, 20 million live in hundreds of refugee camps with pent-up productivity amounting to $72 billion. Most of these forgotten refugees have lived in these camps for decades without becoming productive.

One of them was Mohamed Hassan from the Kakuma refugee camp, who challenged thousands of CEOs at WEF Davos 2019 to answer a question from Satya Nadella.

Inspired by this challenge, we launched a social impact business to upskill thousands of refugees as digital experts and roll them out to clients worldwide. demand to provide digital marketing, sales and recruitment.

In collaboration with UNHCR, we launched a pilot project of 5 refugee graduates in 2019 and crossed paths with 1,000 refugee graduates in eight different camps.

In three years, we’ve supported hundreds of companies, from startups to billionaire corporations. This year, we plan to expand our business to 10,000 refugee graduates in Kakuma and then bring it to the top 10 refugee camps.

Our goal is to retrain and employ 1 million of these forgotten refugees with a skill that can be sold and generated $1 billion in revenue by 2032.

You can join us in this human revolution, where the global community comes together to address the refugee crisis in the most dignified way.


Skateboarding Saves Thanks You

At Skateboarding Saves we believe that positive social change can happen. I would like to personally thank Nondo for this opportunity and hope to see the next write up of him on our newest creation that focuses on Skateboarding in Africa. is here and currently collecting emails for announcements.

As I tell all my peeps in Africa with all of our efforts…

This is just the beginning

Peace and LOVE,


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