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It’s truly unfortunate that I have to go these lengths, but I feel that we need to face the reality that the Skateboarding Industry has become more focused on the dollar than ever.

I never thought that Skateboarding would get this big and mainstream, and I’m not even gonna front…

I fucking hate it.

Back in My Day


It’s crazy, I miss being hated on, we embraced that shit. We were straight villains back then. Everyone hated us that was above like 25. We were misfits, but it wasn’t due to us being bad apples, it had to do with the atmosphere we grew up in.

Case in point, as 14-15-year-olds, me and the homies were asked to destroy an abandoned car by the guy who had firebombed one the week before.

I guess on this given week my man didn’t feel up to the task, so he relied on us.

So this motherfucker offers us a 30 pack of Bud to fuck this car up. Like enough to be removed from the street. I guess he really didn’t like abandoned cars cause dude didn’t even drive.

This was in Philly on Torresdale Ave at around 5 pm outside of Moss Playground. #legendarymosskids

This dude had us at 30 pack of Bud.


Where I grew up it was a blessing to live with both parents. A lot of us were outcasts from the start. I sure as fuck know that I was. And I sure as fuck understand that I still am.

Whether we were just broke, had a fucked up family situation, or whatever, we knew we had that one bond through Skateboarding.

So when I see people that don’t represent what Skateboarding is all about wearing Vans and Thrasher, it honestly makes me like those brands less. A lot less, like I’m not going to fuck with them. Actually, I have stopped fucking with them for quite some time now.

Skateboarding will lose its substance and everything that makes it great if we don’t support the visionaries behind every single Skater-Owned brand that has EVERYTHING that they need except for the MONEY.

Join this ride to support!

I am a man with nothing to lose.

I just want to help Skater-Owned Brands, build long term relationships, invest in these brands and individuals, help these brands and individuals, become family with these brands and individuals while working where I want, when I want, how I want, coherent as I want and most importantly, SKATEBOARD whenever I want.

Skateboarding is truly a drug.

My best friend and I always mention “getting that itch” to skate.

For me, that itch can become depression, anger, and anxiety.

I gotta do this for me to strive as a human. And I don’t give a FUCK who gets in the way of that.

Good Worker Bee < Good Human

I’m gonna end my little rant there, but I know that the real ones feel me.

With that, I bring you the mission statement of the LinkedIn Group I created to help Authentic Skater-Owned brands that are struggling due to individuals that I don’t consider Skateboarders.

With the rise of Corporate Skateboarding, the small Skater-Owned brands and shops fall to the wayside, not due to their own faults, but due to monopolization & privatization.

This effort is designed to help any Skater-Owned brand through our Free Platform and have Whitelabel Services for those who need more than what our Free Platform offers.

Pricing is fair and based on revenue.

As I always mention:

Peace & LOVE,

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