Skateboarding Saves

What is Skateboarding Saves?

What is Skateboarding Saves?


The $15 Question: What is Skateboarding Saves?

At the community level, we hope to be a useful resource in helping local brick and mortar shops, cafes, etc.

We have collectively decided as a group that the best way to gain exposure for our cause while helping our respective communities economies is to have pop up events.

Ideally, any brick and mortar businesses that wouldn’t mind a 40 year old Skateboarder man-child with a table, laptop and a banner with our logo promoting our cause at your Norristown establishment, give me a call.

Seriously… 215-805-3420

And, of course, we’ll promoting your business as well.

In many ways.

One of our efforts, is a free directory of sorts for local businesses and causes.

Shaping an Identity

After a year and a half of dragging my feet on a true identity (intentional), we finally have one.

I think this post below best shows what we’re all about, and if that’s not your thing, just hit up the homepage, I think you’ll get where are intentions reside (All good things, all good things – Olaf).

Veteran Focused

Skateboarding Saves cares about many things outside of Skateboarding.

This includes our Veterans and their wellbeing. We are led by US Veteran, Jason Quinn and myself, the civ tech nerd.

Skateboarding Presence

That will always be in the hands of the industry.

We will either be embraced, or hated. I will assume the latter since anyone of any value as a resource seems to have a controller or is a suit.

Yeah, I said it!

Until we are embraced, which I am not holding my breath on, we will continue to do what we are doing.

As I like to say, “We just out here doing good.”

That shit won’t change.

Other Areas We Cover

  • Mental Health
  • Sobriety
  • Mentorship
  • Art
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Social Change
  • Local Economy
  • Community
  • Supporting Local

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